Tuesday, February 17, 2009



- Available: I try to be available to everything - therefore, I am a very busy person!

- Age: 25

- Annoyance: open drawers

- Animal: the furry pink muppet who plays the drums?


- Birthday: June 8

-Body Part on opposite sex: eyes, heart

- Best feeling in the world: a big Hug, crawling into my bed

- Been in Love: aren't we supposed to love everyone - now, no one said I have to like everyone ;-)

- Been on stage?: Absolutely! (You should come to my concert on March 15 - beware the ides of march!)

- Believe in Magic: wasn't that by The Lovin' Spoonful?

- Believe in Miracles: they're all around us

- Believe in Santa: absolutely! How could you deny the spirit of Christmas?!


- Candy: mmmmmm

- Color: oh no! I can't answer this question - I don't know the answer - I get all nervous when I get asked this question - can I answer with a 96 box of Crayola Crayons?

- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate or vanilla what? it totally matters!

- Chinese/Mexican: what about Thai/Indian? any/all of the above sound good

- Cake or pie: yes, please!

- Continent/Country to visit: Europe/all of them

- Cheese: as long as no mice are involved


- Day or Night: hmmmm... I like sunny days and starry nights

- Dance in the rain: absolutely!


- Eggs: pysanky

- Eyes: in the back of my head... better watch out!

- Ever failed a class?: Not yet, that would mean I didn't work hard enough.


- Full name: Johanna Mikitka - that's it, that's all there is to it!

- First thoughts waking up: I'm supposed to have thoughts when I wake up?!

- Food: I'm ready whenever you are!


- Greatest Fear: uh, roaches? idk

- Goals: be the best person I can be. Live a full life so that people can't say I have potential - my physics teacher once said that potential is a bad thing because a person who has potential isn't everything they can be.

- Get along with your parents? sure... Dad is always right (except when Mom is).

- Good luck charm: uh, not that I can think of


- Hair Color: Brown

- Height: 5'something

- Happy: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands

- Holiday: a jolly holiday - like in Mary Poppins?

- How do you want to die: why ponder things so clearly out of our control?


- Ice Cream: hmmm, perhaps some springer chip, or some moose tracks, or maybe a banana split?

- Instrument: piano, voice, English handbells... maybe one day I'll learn to play the accordion!


- Jewelry: always my Order of the Engineer ring; other times class ring or one of a few other rings, necklaces, bracelets, earings, ankle bracelets - depends on the situation

- Job: "staff professional" - in many other states I could say engineer - but in PA you have to have your P.E. to say that.


- Kids: I like kids!

- Kickboxing or karate: um, I'd probably hurt myself doing either

- Keep a journal?: sometimes - mostly I just tell my mom


- Longest Car Ride: continuous: Philadelphia, PA to Clemson, SC; over three days: Philadelphia, PA to Oklahoma - both rides involved a 30ft. trailer, a 15 passenger van, and a concrete canoe!

- Love: <3

- Letter: I like to get them in the mail!

- Laughed so hard you cried?: totally!


- Milk flavor: chocolate

- Movies: depends on my mood

-Motion Sickness?: not that I know of - unless it involves the Paratrooper at Knobels

- McD’s or BK: BK


- Number of Siblings: 1 real sister; 1 "nocturnal twin"

- Number of Piercings: one in each ear

- Number: 3.14159...


- One wish: life without conflict


- Perfect Pizza: homemade or Papa John's with pineapple & jalepeno (if I'm ordering out)

- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi


- Quail: How am I supposed to respond to this?


- Reason to cry: it's my party and I'll cry if I want to :-D (I think somebody put my brain-radio on shuffle tonight)

- Reality T.V.: ugh - too much reality

- Radio Station: any one that is not playing commercials - internet radio favs include WALN, WMID, OmegaRock

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: yes - particularly to annoy my friends who can't ;-)

- Ring size?: I think all my fingers are different


- Song: I couldn't pick just one!

- Shoe size: Women's 10, Men's 8.5

- Salad Dressing: depends on my mood - usually some type of vinegar based dressing

- Sushi?: oh man, this alphabet is making me hungry!

- Skipped school: I skipped one class in college so I could finish the homework that was due at the end of class... showed up at the end to turn it in - other than that, I can't cuz I feel super guilty!

- Slept outside: in a tent

- Sing well?: I try

- In the shower?: If my roomie isn't around

- Swear?: I work with drillers and construction workers - my brain has a full working vocabulary of words - I try not to use "drillers mouth" at the office or around children - some of the guys try to provoke my use of words... some I just won't use!

- Strawberries/Blueberries: mmmmm fresh fruit!


-Time for bed: I've heard that normal people keep schedules - I confess, I am not a normal person ;-)

-Thunderstorms: awesome - especially at the beach!


- Unpredictable: can this be predicted?


- Vacation spot: anywhere as long as it doesn't invovled homework!


- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: hmmm - I'll have to ponder that more

- Who makes you laugh the most: Fritz ;-)

- Worst feeling: getting out of my glorious bed

- Wanted to be a model?: not if it involves wearing makeup - yuck!

- Worst weather?: Hurricanes and tornadoes


- X-Rays: been there


- Year it is now: 2009!

- Yellow: brick road? ... submarine?


- Zoo animals: I want to go to the zoo... I've lived blocks from it for 8 years now!


1. Slept in your bed besides you: Elle - that Elephant sleeps all day!

2. You went to the mall with: do strip malls count? - in that case, my Dad - who can pass up a trip to Sears Essentials and the Dollar store?!

3. You went to dinner with: a lot of canoe people

4. You talked to on the phone: JB

5. Made you laugh: myself - I laugh at myself frequently

6. Hugged you: JB

7. Said they loved you: mom sent me an IM kiss

8. You spoke with: Theresa (my roomie)

9. You cried over: the guy at church who called me close-minded

10. Made you mad: the guy at church

I'm going to tag Aimee and T if they want to do it... and anyone else who might feel like participating.

This alphabet has been brought to you by the Letter J and the number 8.

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