Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Last Thing you Want to See While Gracing the Throne...

Although I have been unsure if this is a blog-appropriate story, it is certainly an amusing story to look back on... now anyway ;-)

While my roommate and I strive to keep a relatively orderly, well, clean if not orderly apartment, our building mates in addition to Drexel's apparent obsession with construction projects chase the occasional uninvited guest into our place. I returned from my lovely week at the beach for a few brief moments to drop off some stuff that didn't need to go to my parents house and pick up one or two things (i.e. the dirty laundry basket... it's so much cheaper, not to mention easier (a post for another time) to do the laundry at mom-n-dad's). At any rate, since we had stopped off there, I took the opportunity to use the facilities. While gracing the throne, I heard something... enough of something to make me turn my head -

just in time to see a roach making a b-line for my unprotected bottom wandering across the floor. Yelling and screaming commenced. As if the bugger could sense my fear, it came straight for the throne. After falling off as it attempted to scale the clean porcelain bowl it decided to check out the rest of the bathroom. Meanwhile, I continued yelling about roach spray in the kitchen. Luckily, my cousin, T.E. had come to the apt. with me so I was not left alone to fend off the invader. Unfortunately, here I was closed in the bathroom with the invader and an exposed dupa... and T.E. was on the other side of the door with the can of death. He threw in a bucket for me to attempt to catch the intruder, but the darned thing moved too quickly out of my reach.

J.B. to the rescue...
Lucky for me, J.B. came in just as the roach made a move for the door. By this time, I had managed to snag my bath towel from the rack to use as a curtain so as not to expose my poor dupa to my roach killing heroes. J.B. threw open the door and drowned Mr. Roach in a pool of spray! Phew! With the door closed again, I was able to resume finishing my business in peace... or so I thought...

the roach had wiggled it's way over to the wall and was in the process of using the wall to regain its running stance when it caught my eye. *yelling resumes* So, I don my towel curtain again and J.B. attacks with the spray. Mr. Roach ran out of the bathroom, across the hallway, straight into my bedroom... with J.B. in hot pursuit. He was finally able to catch the bugger, or perhaps give him a heart attack. What happened after that was somewhat of a blur, but I decided to place dead invader in a zip-top bag as proof for the exterminator that I do not exaggerate about the size of my roaches. Hopefully we won't see any more of his kind... EVER!

oh, by the way, I think we may now have a mouse... oh, the joys of living in the city, near construction, in a building built in the 1800s... ahhhh

Friday, July 25, 2008

the moment you've been waiting for...

all two of you... since very late last night... yeah, I guess I was very good at building the suspense on this one...

drum roll....





Christmas tshirt day...

5 months (or 153 days) till Christmas!

Merry Christmas in July folks!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

hmm... duplicates...

Somehow on of the pictures appeared twice in the last post and one disappeared... so, here you have ityes, the bears apparently had an exciting game of beach volleyball while we were out!

Tonight I went to the last of the Philadelphia Orchestra's summer concert series at the Mann Center. The saved my favorite for last... Carmina Burana!!!! It was amazing! And the weather was beautiful to boot! Tonight's balmy breeze was a far sight from last night's greenish-purplish-grayish sky with lighting, thunder, torrential downpours, and hail... I'm glad I didn't go to last night's concert! ;-) Anyway, the Orchestra was wonderful as always... and Rosen Milanov did quite a fantastic job conducting!

Now, off to find my special shirt for tomorrow... cuz we all know what tomorrow is... don't we?
I guess you'll just have to come back tomorrow to find out :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my castle on a cloud... well, sorta

Ahh, the beach...
this year was different without GG for the first time in my memory. We just can't provide the kind of care that she needs nowadays. We had lots of "fun bun runs in the sun" and "motions for lotion before doing the locomotion to the ocean"... can you tell we did lots of rhyming?! Happy hour had an official menu this year. (Perhaps I'll post it here one of these days for your viewing pleasure.) The animals got into lots of trouble...
Another favorite part of the beach is building the annual sandcastle... when I say favorite, I speak ONLY for myself! (while others may somewhat enjoy the sandcastle, I don't think it would happen if I was not there) I decided to take a series of construction/demolition pictures this year... enjoy... (btw, we unionized this year during construction)

Architect & laborer's union

Inspector's Union (in the background)

The mostly completed castle (it gained a few decorations)

The Hand Paked Wall Union (with sun hat), Onlookers, and Bathing Beauties

Hand packer's, laborer's, and Digger's Unions with our completed work

Demolition pics...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Shall I move to New England?

After reading T's heart-wrenching blog post about friendship, I feel like moving to New England. While I have only met T, Honey, and Princess once, I think we'd get along swell! Plus, I hear that it still snows in New England... I remember when it used to snow in PA.

Unfortunately, Drexel still owns my soul for another three years or so... and then Schnabel owns my life for an additional two years...

Speaking of Schnabel, I better be getting to bed since I must be in Trenton, NJ bright and early (perhaps too early!) tomorrow morning. But it's Friday... and I get to look forward to a week at the beach!!!!!! Maybe I can work on ditching the farmer's tan while I'm there :-D.

Note to self: don't forget the ice-pops for the guys on the jobsite... it may be my last day with this crew... hopefully they'll finish next week (we were supposed to be finished by the 4th of July. Obviously that worked well ;-) )

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ABCs of Me...

I'm going to tag myself for this one based on RC Mommy's response...

A. Attached or single? Not married.

B. Best friend? hmmm... I have several... I think they know who they are :)

C. Cake or pie? A piece of each please... come'on, I'm a Mikitka

D. Day of choice? Saturday... I can sleep in and stay up late!

E. Essential item? a stuffed animal... I still don't sleep w/o one

F. Favorite color? I really wish I could answer this question... most of the time, I just answer this question with a 96 box of Crayola crayons :D

G. Gummy bears or worms? Sour gummy worms.... mmmmmmmm

H. Home town? Bethlehem (PA, not Israel)

I. Favorite indulgence? Sleeping in a fluffy bed with lots of pillows.

J. January or July? hmmmm... I guess July... I like to go in the ocean and build sand castles

K. Kids? No left hand rings...

L. Life isn’t complete without? Music... singing, playing, listening, etc.

M. Marriage date? Haven't gotten there yet

N. Number of brothers and sisters? No brothers, One sister, One "nocturnal twin" (that's a story for another time)

O. Oranges or Apples? Fruit salad with both and more :D

P. Phobias? cockroaches! eeeeewwwww

Q. Quotes? I guess it's better to be who you are. Turns out people like you best that way, anyway. Big Bird

R. Reasons to smile? lol, the first thing that came to mind I probably shouldn't post (it certainly makes babies smile though :D )

S. Season of choice? I like them all... it's too bad that we seem to have missed spring here this year! And we didn't get a good snow storm either :(

T. Tag 5 people: most people seem to have been tagged... if you haven't, consider yourself officially tagged!

U. Unknown fact about me? If I told you, then it wouldn't be unknown!

V. Vegetable? Lima beans... and more recently, asparagus

W. Worst habit? Obsessing over my grades.

X. Xray or ultrasound? Neither... bad memories of kidney stones

Y. Your favorite food? FOOOOOOD!

Z. Zodiac sign? Gemini... twins!