Friday, July 31, 2009

This is my first go at quick takes... since Musikfest starts tonight, I think I'll focus on 7 quick takes of the festival:

1. Musikfest started in 1984 with 6 stages.

2. For many years, the highest point (elevation wise) of the festival was Familienplatz which was located at the top of the Broad Street Walk. (The road has since been reopened and this platz has retired.)

3. The "big name" groups used to be presented at Kunzplatz which was located where Moravian College's new Hurd Campus Residence is being built. These concerts were known to draw crowds that would force the closure of Lehigh Street. The big names have since been moved to "River Place" on Sand Island.

4. Festplatz was the center of polka music at the festival until a few years ago... now it features a mix of music that incorporates only some polka. Each year a German band (from Germany) would be hosted and perform at various times throughout the festival.

5. The Star of Bethlehem which sits high atop South Mountain can be seen from most parts of the festival grounds. The star stands 81 feet tall and is illuminated 250 50-watt light bulbs.

6. I remember when the Musikfest Office overlooked Liederplatz from its back door. It later moved to a location on Broad Street and is now located at the Banana Factory on the South Side.

7. This year's Musikfest runs from July 31st - August 9th... you should definitely come!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summertime... and Musikfest!

Well, well, 3 days and counting till the kick-off of America's largest free music festival on Friday July 31st... MUSIKFEST!!!!! 10 days of concerts on many many stages... there's something for everybody!

If you're in the area on Thursday Aug. 6, check out my friend Dante Bucci at Liederplatz sometime between noon and 3pm. Here's a taste of Dante's music...

Let me know if you're planning to "Fest"... I'll be there as much as possible :)

If you're around on Aug. 9, come check out the Polka Mass at Musikfest featuring The Changing Times (Dad and the guys) and the Tatra Slovak Folk group. Mass is at 10am at Festplatz (under the bridge between Conestoga and Spring Streets.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas in July!

So in honor of Christmas in July, I will share with you my most favorite rendition of a Christmas song that I never even really liked before I heard this version! This group is awesome! Seriously though, you need to listen to the whole thing... it's only 3.5 minutes... here it is, Straight No Chaser...

Straight No Chaser - 12 Days of Christmas

... and remember folks, there are only 153 days till Christmas!