Sunday, February 17, 2008

Frustrations of a Cool Nerd God... partially resolved

If Math scares you, stop here!

If you're still reading you either may understand some of this or you didn't take me seriously ;-). So, Homework #3 was to convert a 2D Laplace Finite Element Method code into a 3D Laplace FEM code. My challenge with this class is that I don't know the math or the program so where there's a problem... well, things all fall apart... occasionally including myself. This one (with a little help) went fairly well. I was unaware that you could have a three dimensional matrix (oh how I wish I had taken Linear Algebra)... but in the end, I didn't need one anyway. The picture shows my pretty results for the Unit Sphere provided by the Pavel (the prof). (UnitSphere-515p-2375t) It has 515 points and 2375 tetrahedral elements. Now, back to the midterm project.

I'm a little frustrated on this one. I spent many hours, including a meeting with the professor and another student, getting the first part (of three) to run properly. After the inclass midterm exam, Pavel wrote the whole code for the first part in class.... ARGH!!! A number of people were discussing how they had not yet started the project so this was great. grrrrrr. I'm currently having trouble with part 2... but we didn't really get any advice there since he did all of part one. Kicked in the butt for being a hard working student again... is it just me?!

Ok, enough ranting and raving... back to work nah, off to the beer distributor - cuz I have my priorities straight ;-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog neglect...

Blog neglect seems to have become the result of quite a full schedule these past few weeks.  Although my class this term is interesting and I have an awesome professor, the work has been taking a LOT of time!!!!  Perhaps as a result of my lack of Linear Algebra and Matlab knowledge.

So, to help give me a kick start on some posts, feel free to leave a topic in my comments... you all have such interesting blogs that generally my draft posts seem rather dull.

In other news, Congratulations to John's sister and brother-in-law on the newest addition to their family who has finally come home!  The blog pictures are soo cute!  Maybe we'll see him in person one of these days.

Ok, back to matlab... hmmm