Friday, July 11, 2008

Shall I move to New England?

After reading T's heart-wrenching blog post about friendship, I feel like moving to New England. While I have only met T, Honey, and Princess once, I think we'd get along swell! Plus, I hear that it still snows in New England... I remember when it used to snow in PA.

Unfortunately, Drexel still owns my soul for another three years or so... and then Schnabel owns my life for an additional two years...

Speaking of Schnabel, I better be getting to bed since I must be in Trenton, NJ bright and early (perhaps too early!) tomorrow morning. But it's Friday... and I get to look forward to a week at the beach!!!!!! Maybe I can work on ditching the farmer's tan while I'm there :-D.

Note to self: don't forget the ice-pops for the guys on the jobsite... it may be my last day with this crew... hopefully they'll finish next week (we were supposed to be finished by the 4th of July. Obviously that worked well ;-) )

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twithhoney said...

Awww! That's just so incredibly sweet of you. Thanks.

But in all sincerity I must recommend staying close to family. As much as I love the snow in New England I would rather be living 'back home' where family and friends, like JB's sister are.