Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my castle on a cloud... well, sorta

Ahh, the beach...
this year was different without GG for the first time in my memory. We just can't provide the kind of care that she needs nowadays. We had lots of "fun bun runs in the sun" and "motions for lotion before doing the locomotion to the ocean"... can you tell we did lots of rhyming?! Happy hour had an official menu this year. (Perhaps I'll post it here one of these days for your viewing pleasure.) The animals got into lots of trouble...
Another favorite part of the beach is building the annual sandcastle... when I say favorite, I speak ONLY for myself! (while others may somewhat enjoy the sandcastle, I don't think it would happen if I was not there) I decided to take a series of construction/demolition pictures this year... enjoy... (btw, we unionized this year during construction)

Architect & laborer's union

Inspector's Union (in the background)

The mostly completed castle (it gained a few decorations)

The Hand Paked Wall Union (with sun hat), Onlookers, and Bathing Beauties

Hand packer's, laborer's, and Digger's Unions with our completed work

Demolition pics...


Anonymous said...

Nice video!

Aimee said...

Looks like a ton of fun, but I will admit that the demo pics made me a little sad :)

So can you come and build sandcastles with my kids, because I am not nearly that dedicated!

twithhoney said...

That castle looks fab! Kudos to the architect. Honey is our castle builder. I stick more to animal sculptures.

It looks like everyone had fun, bears included.