Thursday, July 24, 2008

hmm... duplicates...

Somehow on of the pictures appeared twice in the last post and one disappeared... so, here you have ityes, the bears apparently had an exciting game of beach volleyball while we were out!

Tonight I went to the last of the Philadelphia Orchestra's summer concert series at the Mann Center. The saved my favorite for last... Carmina Burana!!!! It was amazing! And the weather was beautiful to boot! Tonight's balmy breeze was a far sight from last night's greenish-purplish-grayish sky with lighting, thunder, torrential downpours, and hail... I'm glad I didn't go to last night's concert! ;-) Anyway, the Orchestra was wonderful as always... and Rosen Milanov did quite a fantastic job conducting!

Now, off to find my special shirt for tomorrow... cuz we all know what tomorrow is... don't we?
I guess you'll just have to come back tomorrow to find out :D


twithhoney said...

Ooooo! I would have loved to go to that concert. My college choir did Carmina Burana... now I can't help but sing along with those cryptic words and haunting melodies when they are used as background music in movies. Although Honey loved watching the performance in college having me sing along with soundtracks drives him a little bit nutty.

Wow! We do have a lot of common interests. Very cool.

JB's mom said...

I miss going to the Mann for the concerts. Glad you made it!