Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More kitchen time... sans fire extinguisher ;-)

Well, here they are... and all in neat little rows! Who knew it would take so long to make 103 individually wrapped cordial cherries? This turned out to be the product of two nights work (rather than just one night as I had anticipated). In case you were wondering, red wrappers have milk chocolate, gold wrappers have dark chocolate, and holly wrappers have white chocolate... OCD much?

These little beauties are a product of night 3 in the kitchen. These are chocolate thumbprint cookies with raspberry filling and almonds. These took MUCH longer than the 40 minutes claimed by the recipe (found here). My initial assessment is that they are not chocolaty enough. However, I tend to enjoy cookies more after they sit for a few days... I'll have to get back to you on these.

Tomorrow's kitchen goal includes meringue kiss cookies... although I may switch it up for some Aunt Mary Ann thumbprints instead. Note to self: must go to grocery for thumbprint filling!


T with Honey said...

Everything looks pretty and very tasty.

Kath-o-lil said...

mmmmmmmmmm now you've made ME hungry!