Friday, November 9, 2007

ooooh dresses!!!!

So, as I was window shopping for a dress that T might wear... based on her description of herself... I came across one that is on clearance sale and is super awesome!!! I might even have to take a little trip to Ardmore to try it on... of course I could visit the Apple store while I'm there. Perhaps I'll get a dress and a computer :D... ok, maybe not after paying my tuition bill this morning. At any rate, in anticipation of attending a friend's wedding in January (oops, haven't mentioned it to JB yet) I might acquire a new dress. Here's a pic of it on a model... NOTE: model... not me... unfortunately/yet
Ann Taylor, here I come!


T with Honey said...

It is an awesome dress! It isn't in stock at any stores near me but I'm stopping by my closest Ann Taylor to figure out which size I need to order. Hopefully it won't sell out before I get home tonight!

Next dilemma.... coordinating shoes. I'm torn between trying to match the brown or mix it up with something in gold.

Anonymous said...

You are prettier than the model !!and you will look beautiful in the dress...and T.will too...she is also beautiful,slim and graceful like you...Mrs.S.

sexy said...