Monday, September 14, 2009


Ok, first things first, I'll get around to a 100 things post... it just isn't going to appear as my 100th post as that is now and you are not going to read 100 things... maybe 100 words ;-) before I check out for the night.

Tonight was the epitome of random spontaneity!! I called a friend to see if she'd had dinner yet... which she was eating when I called. Instead, she came over for left over birthday cake from my cousin's birthday celebration over the weekend. Incidentally, the intrigue over the cake was that it was a mudslide cake... chocolate Kahlua cake with Bailey's Irish Cream icing. It turned out to be quite a tasty morsel! Anyway, I realized it was Monday which could possibly mean Big Bang Theory on TV. I turned on the tv and low-and-behold Dream Girls was on... not that I haven't seen this movie about 7 or 8 times (or more) and also seen the School of the Future's stage performance... but I get sucked in every time! To make matters more ridiculous, it is a long show without commercials... then add commercials and Oh my! Enter new roommate, returning from a grad student reception where they served wine, but very little food. C. enjoyed roommate's "glowing happiness." While many funny/crazy things transpired, I'm kinda tired so I'll leave you with C's descriptor for me for this evening... "you're a weirdo-face".

Yes, thank you, I certainly am! ;-)


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