Sunday, January 13, 2008

A lovely wedding!

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Piscopo!
I got to spend a lovely evening out celebrating Lori's marriage to Jimmy! I always enjoy a good dress up occasion. So, for this one I got a new dress... I really wasn't shopping for myself when I found it... I was attempting to respond to a request from TwithHoney on her blog for a dress that wasn't red or black but I fell in love with the dress. And who can't pass up buying a $188 dress for $58... and that was including shipping! Thanks, T, I really love my new dress! Unfortunately, I forgot to have someone take a full length shot of the dress to post here, so for now all I have to share is the sitting down with shawl version.

However, I can share a shot of the perfect shoes I found to go with the dress (thanks to a little get away from all these guys shopping trip that the Schnabel girls took one evening during a Project Management training weekend. I must say, these shoes were a new experience in the walking department. In general, my dress shoes have straps or buckles or they are strappy and stay so that something has to be done to take them off. I'm not usually good in the slipoff slipon fashions. My flat/wide feet with narrow heels just don't do well in slipons... besides they usually look silly. Well, popular opinion at the DSW in DC said that I had to get them because they were a perfect match for the dress and they looked cute... and best part, they were on clearance sale!!!

Soooo, here you have it... the shoes... w/o feet... and with foot (yes, singular foot... couldn't get a good shot of both feet by myself)

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t with honey said...

You both look so cute together!!

Love the shoes. I ended up with a very similar style but went with the coordinating cream color that is at the bottom of the dress. I'm hoping that some day I'll have another dress that I can wear it with.